The power of digital technologies and human innovation

Master-ONE: project development

Our elite support team is comprised of senior engineers and experts in today’s
electronic challenges, ready to assist you in your business leap, all the way from
design to market: value engineering, technical support, responses to changes and
business optimization. Our program comes inclusive of technologically innovative
tools and mechanisms designed to perform in the electronic components industry.

  • Value engineering
  • Technical support engineers
  • Project development
  • Business optimization
  • Alternatives & obsolescence
  • Dynamic responses to changes
  • Design and engineering consultancy
  • Expert vendor consultancy
  • Systems integration
  • Eliminating Duplication Program
  • Technical library

Telecommunications, Aerospace, medicine,
and all critical industries:

From wireless and WLAN accessories, to radar, vehicle, 5G communication,
ORAN and IoT alongside the AI ​​revolution.