Procurement SOLUTIONS

Avoid inventory shortages, manage the purchase from A – to Z: Save your time and budget on all procurement essentials. From interaction with vendors, to finding a shorter lead time, negotiating the best prices, and managing the entire purchasing process.


We analyze market information and plan schedules, materials, resources, budget, and operations, while formulating cost and risk strategies to increase your business efficiency.



Our BOM solutions consider electronic component technical specifications, pricing, stock availability, predictive lifecycle, environmental and export compliance, and risk reduction. On top of that, our solutions include inventory information, assembly information, quantities and other essential items needed to build a complete shippable product.


Get new product procurement to obtain the latest components for new electronic designs and further into manufacturing.

Alternates & Duplication

Dual approach with an eliminating duplication program and a Value Engineering for better alternatives, as well as suggestions and part cross analysis.

Obsolescence Management

We have the capacity to perform obsolescence risk analysis before a part has been discontinued, decreasing the risk of extra expenses in terms of product delays and extra inventory sourcing and handling charges. Using our component engineering management and global system, we learn and plan End of Life (EOL) notices and Product Change Notices (PCN) before they impact manufacturing deadlines.

Regulation and Sustainability

Accurate regulation and approvals managing for electronics, environmental, manufacturing and export, while also being actively involved in providing better, more sustainable solutions.


From raw materials to finished products, Shipping, and transportation, let us manage your operation with customized solutions covering complete traceability using advanced technologies.


Risk Reduction

The Quality-One is a strict quality mechanism that we have developed to ensure increased responsibility not only for the quality of each product, but for the whole supply chain.